Zyto Compass

The ZYTO Compass System prioritizes your body’s preferences for specific nutritional supplements by checking 76 bio markers in your body which represent digestion, circulation, energies, metabolic processes etc. This information helps you make better decisions about which products to purchase and use. The ZYTO Compass is a reliable assessment tool that can be used by individuals, families and health care practitioners.

ZYTO’s technology measures your body’s responses to a specific library of nutritional products, asking your body which it prefers; this is called biocommunication. When you place your hand on the hand cradle, stimuli are sent to the body representing each individual product. The software then records your responses whether positive or negative and ranks them from highest preferred product to the lowest. The Compass then generates a report showing which products your body prefers, guiding you toward better health.

The ZYTO Compass is compatible with many product lines and is used by over 5,000 doctors and health care providers to make decisions on the health care needs with 93% accuracy. Now this technology is available to anyone interested in better health! This is not a method of diagnosing or treating disease but a method of keeping your health in balance. If you would like to order or learn more about the ZYTO Compass check out the following link.