911 Winter Remedies

Elderberry D3fense #897
Elderberry Immune, Sunshine Heroes #3347

Prepare for the WINTER and FLU Season

Many worry about the flu bug and how to prevent getting sick or how to recover quickly once the flu bug has bitten. The flu enters through the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. It is highly contagious and anyone can get it. Most people recover in 1-2 weeks. Rare complications are: pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus and/or ear infections.

The Flu can make Chronic Health Problems worse!

In a 6 day study using Elderberry on people with the FLU VIRUS
There was 20% improvement within 24 hours
There was 70% improvement within 48 hours
There was 90% improvement within 72 hours

How Elderberry Works

  • Flu viruses are covered by tiny protein spikes, which are used to attach to and infect healthy cells
  • The key active constituent of Elderberry “disarms” these spikes-which stops the first step of viral infection
  • Elderberry has been proven to be resistant to over 8 strains of influenza, which is greater than anti-viral vaccines

These two combinations work like a football team to disarm the defense! The children’s Sunshine Heroes formula can be taken by adults also by doubling the amount. Drink lots of water, take your vitamins & minerals, antioxidants and eat healthy food!

Elderberry D3fense #897 the adult formula, contains Elderberry, Echinacea, Royal Jelly, Olive Leaf, White Willow Bark and Vitamin D3.

Elderberry Immune, Sunshine Heroes #3347 the children’s chewable formula that can also be used by adults, contains Elderberry, Reishi Mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, Astragalus, Vitamins C & D3, Zinc, Echinacea as well as a Whole Food Complex, Fruit Juice Concentrates and Micronutrients Blend.

These two formulas can be taken as part of a wellness program to help prevent respiratory problems.

Therapeutic Dose of Elderberry D3fense 3 capsules every 2-3 hours then reduce to 2 capsules 3 times a day for maintenance and/or prevention.

Therapeutic Dose of Elderberry Immune for Children 2-3 chewables every 2 hours and then decrease to 2 chewables once a day for prevention and/or maintenance.

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