Respiratory Allergies

Respiratory allergies are caused by an overly sensitive immune response to environmental substances creating mast cells that burst releasing histamine which causes respiratory congestion, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, sinus pain, coughing and sore throat. The Brilliant Body Respiratory Pact was developed to help solve all kinds of respiratory problems.

ALJ (#774) a combination designed to help expel mucus from the body by having an anti-allergic effect. In an acute attack take 2 capsules with a large glass of water every 15 minutes for several doses or until the mucus starts to be expelled and then I cut down to the recommended dosage.

Seasonal Defense (#806) developed to support the body during seasonal changes by stimulating the immune system to help with congestion. This combination helps support the person with coughs, colds, fevers and sore throats. In an acute attack take 2 capsules every 2 hours with a large glass of water for the first few doses and then cut down to the recommended dosage on the bottle.

Lung Support TCM Concentrate (#1004) Chinese Formula was developed to help support the lungs and sinus in healing the mucus membranes. This is a strong formula so take the recommended dosage with a large glass of water.

Tei Fu Essential Oil (#1618) can be rubbed on the tip of the nose or chest or put a few drops in a diffuser or humidifier with water. Use this in the house when you are relaxing and recovering from this health challenge! This will help stimulate the respiratory system and invigorate the mind.