Mineral Chi Tonic (#1818)

Mineral Chi Tonic is a miracle tonic made to take internally for chronic health conditions. While it is very good as an internal tonic and mineralizer for people with severe fatigue, chronic illness and autoimmune disorders I have found that it is even better as a soak in the bath tub. For anyone with exhaustion, weakness and burnout I highly recommend soaking in ¼ C of Chinese Minerals in the bath for 30 minutes!

My husband can tell you from personal experience that this mineral bath will “bring life back from the dead” so to speak! Once when he was severely fatigued I put ¼ C of the minerals in the bath and had him soak for 30 minutes. He could feel the energy start returning to his body. Needless to say I didn’t have to ask him to repeat it several hours later when he woke up from a deep sleep. And now he thinks I should sell that to everyone whether they need it or not!

Chinese Mineral Chi consists of Colloidal minerals and Chinese Tonic herbs that balance the body’s meridians to enable the body to respond more efficiently to stress by resisting negative biological, chemical and physically stressors.

Mineral baths are very helpful for those that are having trouble swallowing food or nutrition. These minerals and adaptogenic herbs soak right through the skin into the blood stream to feed the worn out adrenal glands and nerves and balance all of the meridians.

According to the Chinese the root of all disease is a critical imbalance or deficiency in the internal energies which regulate the entire body. So if you want to get these energies balanced and on the road to wellness try a Mineral Chi Tonic Bath! When you think of how many of these you can have with one bottle of Mineral Chi Tonic you will never go to Napa again for a mineral bath!

Refrigerate after opening! This bath is not good for people with inflammatory or hot conditions.