Lymphatic Congestion
Head Congestion-Sinusitis-Earaches Appendicitis-Tonsillitis-Fibrocystic Breasts

When working correctly, our lymphatic system removes bacteria and some proteins from the tissues, transports fat from the small intestines and supplies mature lymphocytes to the blood to keep us healthy. But sometimes when we are not getting enough exercise we have problems with the lymph becoming congested since we don’t have a pump to circulate the fluid. Walking and swinging the arms or bouncing on a mini-trampoline can help keep the lymphatic system moving to keep us healthy.

Marge’s liquid recipe to help the lymphatic system break up the congestion; to help with head congestion, sinusitis, earaches and other problems related to colds and respiratory infections! Mix the following herbal nutrition together in a bottle of half juice and water and sip on it so that you drink three bottles a day. Drink one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner and one after dinner. Liquids get in the body rapidly and often work faster than capsules when in an acute situation! Don’t eat heavy food. Soups are great when one is sick.

½ tsp. Lymphatic Drainage (#3171) helps prevent stagnant congestion by riding the body of waste material.

1 TBLS Nature’s Noni (#4066) helps cleanse/build the immune system by riding the body of toxins.

½ tsp Red Clover Blend (#3420) helps purify the blood to prevent infection by preventing chronic toxicity.

½ tsp. Lobelia Essence (1765) cleanses the lymph, muscle tissue to prevent inflammation and toxic stagnation.

½ tsp. Ultimate Echinacea (#3181) helps build white blood cells to fight bacterial & viral infections.

½ TBLS Chlorophyll (#1683) purifies the blood & relieves inflammation & gives the body energy to heal.

For a Lymphatic Massage mix 2 drops each of Lemon Essential Oil (#3848) & Lavender Essential Oil (#3847) with 1-2 TBLS of Massage Oil (#3948) and gently massage from the ear down the neck on the Eustachian tubes several times a day, gently squeezing the Eustachian tubes going down the neck to manually move the lymphatic fluid.