Herbal First Aid
Tei Fu Essential Oil Blend

I call Tei Fu Essential Oil Blend “First Aid in a Bottle” because of its many uses! This aromatic blend contains camphor, menthol and wintergreen in a base of safflower oil. Because of the aromatic effect it stimulates the circulatory system that can be massaged into sore muscles for relief to help with arthritis, back pain, headaches, injuries, torn or injured ligaments, sprains, carpal tunnel, stiff neck and tendonitis. A few drops go a long way! It can be used straight from the bottle or mixed in oil or lotion for application.

The aromatic smell of Tei Fu makes it effective to help with respiratory problems such as allergies, sinus or chest congestion, colds, coughs, croup and bacterial infections by applying it topically on the area affected or by putting a few drops in a diffuser or vaporizer so the entire household can benefit from its medicinal benefits. Great to use during the cold and flu season when everyone is home relaxing. A few drops can be put in the hands and rubbed together for inhalation also.

The healing properties of this oil can benefit those with bruises, inflammation, bites and stings, canker sores, cold sores or fever blisters, migraines and tooth aches by rubbing a drop or two on the affected area.

This magic combination can be rubbed on the stomach for gas and bloating and/or for motion sickness and vomiting.

A drop of Tei Fu can be put on your tongue to help with mental alertness and concentration especially when driving or working a night shift or when tired!

Keep this oil away from children, your eyes or genitals because it is strong. Remember a little bit goes a long ways!

Tei Fu also comes in a massage cream (#3538). Remember a little goes a long way.