Fatigued & Exhausted
Stress Out-Can’t Think-Can’t Sleep

Often times a person gets stressed out by working too hard and not getting enough quality rest. When people are working too hard they often don’t eat correctly and are lacking nutrition. Sometimes this results in memory loss, muscle and joint pain, depression or just feeling tired all the time. The following products are full of super nutrition and will help build the body’s energy systems so one can cope with stress in a healthy way.

Green Zone, Ultimate (#1104) is whole food “super” nutrition full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, dietary fiber and essential fatty acids and can even be used as a meal replacement. This heart healthy vital nutrition is high in protein and assists the body in detoxification and alleviates mental depression.

Alfalfa (#32) is a storehouse of nutrition with roots that go 26 feet in the ground to grab the trace minerals and minerals needed to help produce digestive enzymes.

Adrenal Support (#1507) has a wealth of nutrition full of vitamins, minerals and adaptogenic herbs used to feed the adrenals to combat stress one of the main causes of exhaustion.

Mineral Chi Tonic (#1818) miracle minerals used to balance all of the acupuncture meridians to feed and nourish the body’s life force. These can be taken internally or used in a bath soak by putting ¼ Cup in the bath to soak for 30 minutes each day or several times a day. This will “bring life back from the dead” so to speak!

Dulse (#3156) this liquid is high in iodine to feed the thyroid and high in natural iron to build red blood cells to carry oxygen to the cells and to help with anemia. Dulse is also rich in protein, vitamins and minerals to balance the body.