Earache & Infection

Earaches or ear infections can be a very painful experience and often occur in children until the Eustachian tubes become fully developed more into a downward direction. Antioxidants can help prevent and lower the risk of chronic illness.

Below are some remedies that can help with and prevent earaches and ear infections.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil (#3847) is a great smelling essential oil that helps calm the mind as well as having anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This oil can be rubbed around the inside and outside of the ear to help relieve the infection. Do not put drops in the ear.

Lobelia Essence (#1765) can be warmed and drops can be put in the ear for pain, spasms and inflammation of the muscle tissue.

Elderberry Immune (#3347) helps with pain, inner-ear infections, viral infections as well as upper respiratory infections, fevers, sore throats and seasonal changes. In an acute situation take 3 chewables every 2 hours until the pain subsides then reduce to 2 chewables three times a day for several days until recovery. For protection and prevention take 1 chewable twice a day for children. Double this amount for adults.

Ultimate Echinacea (#3181) helps build white blood cells to fight infection and helps reduce disease producing waste material in the lymphatic system as well as filtering out and destroying foreign particles that cause infection.