Arthritis may involve over 100 diseases including problems with the immune and nervous systems and the wear and tear of aging. Osteoarthritis is the most common which is the wearing away of the joints. Rheumatoid Arthritis or rheumatism is a chronic inflammatory condition where the body’s immune system attacks the cartilage and other tissue. Below are some safe natural remedies to help deal with these problems. Sometimes you will need one or more of these remedies.

Joint Health, Ayurvedic (#1296) helps reduce degeneration of joint tissues, cleanses the body of allergens & toxins contributing to painful fluid accumulation & can be useful for arthritis, sciatica & gout.

Everflex (with Hyaluronic Acid) (#948) Glucosamine, Chondroitin + MSM combination for joint health & lubrication by increasing shock absorption & flexibility in the joints to reduce pain & inflammation to improve joint mobility and function.

Skeletal Strength (#1806) balanced vitamins & minerals to support bones, muscles, ligaments & tendons to help with arthritis, broken bones, fractures, osteoporosis as well as supplying adequate minerals for pregnancy and nursing.

Yucca (#770) reduces inflammation & dissolves obstructions in the joints by increasing the elimination of toxins so they don’t accumulate in the joints. Helps produce natural cortisone for pain relief to help with chronic degenerative diseases—arthritis & rheumatism.

E-Tea (#1360) Breaks up calcium deposits, reduces swelling, balances acidity to help with arthritis.

MSM/Glucosamine Cream (#3522) anti-inflammatory cream to help support joint cartilage, connective tissue & skin health and to relieve symptoms of degenerative joint disease.

Super GLA (#1844) used to treat inflammatory disorders, rheumatoid arthritis & immune disorders affecting joints such as morning stiffness & pain.